You have entered Rocky Research's online store where you can purchase fluid analysis online for all your HVAC & R applications.

Rocky Research offers a complete range of analyses for all types of HVAC & R fluids. Our laboratory specializes in chemistry for HVAC & R applications and each report includes detailed recommendations for maintenance.

  • Compressor Oil
  • CFC, HFC, HCFC Refrigerants
  • Glycol Heat Transfer Fluids
  • Lithium Bromide Solution
  • Lithium Chloride Solution
  • Calcium Chloride Solution
  • Filter Residues and Sludges
  • Purge Gas
  • Water

We are the only independent analytical laboratory who can provide direct contact with staff mechanical engineers for questions about report interpretation or troubleshooting. Our background in HVAC design and research has provided us with years of experience and knowlege that we utilize in assisting our customers with problems in the field. We also offer specialized engineering and consulting services that address problems unique to the HVAC & R industry.

We distribute custom packed FMC Lithium Division ADVAGuard(R) corrosion inhibitors. Chemicals are shipped to your personnel pre-weighed and labeled for each individual job. We can even ship direct to the job site so you can provide the fastest possible service to your customers.

In addition to our laboratory services, we have developed a complete library of information about HVAC&R applications, equipment, and maintenance which is available for use as a reference tool.

New BrineServe & Electric Demand Reduction analysis.

padARI 700 Analysis for Refrigerant Recycling